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Nido, in Spanish, means nest. It is our goal to build  a nest for you and your family to grow in and enjoy together.

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Family, Honesty, Functionality.

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Our process is a unique two step process that ensures that you get exactly what you want, that you know exactly what it will cost, and that minimizes unplanned expenses. We are dedicating to changing the way people think about contractors. No negotiating, no surprises, and no regrets!

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About the Owner

Paul Callaway and his wife, Melani, started Nido Homes primarily because of a deep set belief in the value of family. Paul grew up in a large family and Melani grew up in a small family but both know that from a young age their families played a large role in the people they became. When they got married and started to build a home together it became clear that the homes they grew up in had a huge effect on the functionality of each of their families. It was with that in mind that they created the idea of Nido Homes.

What does it mean?

Nido Homes

Nido means nest in Spanish. A nest is a place for your family to grow together, laugh together, make memories, and then go out into the world and build nests for the next generation. A house is just a building; it’s the people inside that make it a home. But it is family that makes it a nest.